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Brivis started as an Australian brand under the GWA group more than 50 years ago, and is now wholly owned by Rinnai.

Its Australian influence hasn’t subsided in its transition to an international company, as it’s still a highly recommended brand thanks to its durability, quality, and safety.

Brivis has both the merits of being an Australian home-grown brand, and sitting under the 100-year-old international brand of Rinnai.

The Brivis ICE technology also means that Brivis has additional reverse cycle heating and cooling system capabilities within its systems.

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Brivis Heating and Brivis Air Conditioning Services
in Melbourne

Brivis ducted heating

Brivis ducted heating can introduce homes, industrial buildings, and commercial lots to warm, even air quality that delivers comfort for everybody.

Brivis also offers reverse cycle ducted heating meaning you can have air conditioning and heating from the one system.

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Brivis air conditioning

Want to find comfort during those warmer months?

Air conditioning is fast becoming a non-negotiable in homes across Melbourne!

With Brivis, you can choose from a range of cooling systems, including ducted air conditioning and evaporative cooling.

Keep your cool this summer with fresh, clean, comfortable Brivis air conditioning in Melbourne.

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Brivis heating and cooling Melbourne

Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling delivers comfort all year round.

You don’t have to feel irritated on warm nights or shiver through freezing days at home with a Brivis central heating and cooling system.

Speak to RMS today to learn more about Brivis’ heating and cooling solutions for your home or commercial property.

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Brivis ducted heating replacement

Have issues with your current system? We can repair many ducted heating problems, or recommend a replacement if the condition is irreparable.

Trust the RMS team to safely dismount your current system and replace it with a more advanced, modern, and efficient heating system.

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Brivis Energy-Efficient Evaporative Cooling

Brivis evaporative cooling system is an innovative way of giving you fresh air by cooling and purifying outdoor air then distributing it through your home.

Evaporative cooling is a cost- and energy-efficient cooling solution that improves air quality within your space.

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RMS is proud to support Brivis, integrating its state-of-the-art solutions with our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a heating and cooling system for your property.

Whether you need Brivis ducted heating repairs in Melbourne, want to install a new Brivis ducted heating system, or are due for a service, we’re ready to assist!

When you choose Brivis, you’re choosing both an Australian-made company and a brand with such a high reputation that it now lives under the renowned Rinnai group.

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