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Ducted heating and cooling provides a consistent, comfortable climate within your home, no matter the temperature outside.


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Ducted Heating and
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Enjoy the Luxury of A Single HVAC System
That Provides Both Heating and Cooling

One system for all seasons!

Ducted heating and cooling allows you to have one system installed in your home that provides both air conditioning during summer and heating in winter.

This prevents the need for an additional system to be installed and provides you with full coverage all year round.

RMS are happy to liaise with you to help create a tailored design that meets all your needs and answers all your questions, such as:

  • How many vents you need
  • Which rooms you want covered
  • Where in the ceiling, walls, or floors your vents can be installed
  • The size of the vents
  • What size system does my home require

Clever add-ons such as zoning deliver even more precise control over how each room in your home is cooled or heated. Clever add-ons such as zoning deliver even more precise control over how each room in your home is cooled or heated. This means you can control the temperature of individual rooms, customising your home climate control to your personal preferences.

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How Does Ducted Heating and
Cooling Work?
What Are The Running Costs?
Why Choose A Ducted Heating and Cooling System?
ducted heating and cooling systems melbourne

How Does Ducted Heating and Cooling Work?

A single system that delivers warm or cool air to each room of the home to keep you comfortable.

Refrigerant is the key component in most HVAC systems, including ducted systems.

This chemical gas works by dispersing the requested air temperature by absorbing desired air from outside and absorbing undesirable air inside.

The return air grill in the fan coil unit then recycles and filters the air back into the system to get used again as hot or cool air, depending on whether you need heating or cooling, dispersed through your vents located throughout your home.

ducted heating and cooling systems melbourne

What Are The Running Costs?

Running cost is impacted by a variety of factors, including the size, type, and energy efficiency of your system. At RMS we want to make your system as cost-efficient as possible, which means all components of a system must be optimised. For example, a premium unit that hasn’t been installed with the appropriate components will not run as efficiently as it could.

Zoning is an optional add-on that provides more control over how you heat or cool your home, creating an even smarter and more efficient ducted heating and cooling system.

ducted heating and cooling systems melbourne

Why Choose A Ducted Heating and Cooling System?

One of the most efficient and advanced systems on the market, ducted heating and cooling is quiet, modern, and consistent.

A ducted system’s components are concealed in the cavity of your ceiling, while sleek grilles are discreetly positioned around your home to offer an unobtrusive climate solution.

Ducted heating and cooling is a reverse cycle system, meaning you can enjoy both heating and cooling from a single system.

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We design ducted systems according to our customers’ needs as well as the unique parameters or features of their home or commercial property.

We start our consultation with an assessment of the size of the rooms, including influential features such as orientation, window size, and purpose of the space.

Taking into consideration your budget, we can help you understand all your options and provide you with unbiased guidance so you can confidently make a decision.

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With the majority of our heating and cooling experts with us for over a decade, RMS is more than a team; we’re a family.

Built up of like-minded professionals, each passionate about delivering comfort to your home or business, we have an in-depth knowledge of all brands and systems available on the market.


We have 25 years of experience and are accredited with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Supported by years of experience and extensive product and system knowledge, we offer the most energy efficient ducted heating and cooling installation, service, and repairs.

We evaluate problems and devise solutions fast, restoring comfort to your home or business once again.


We only hire the best technicians who can provide the highest quality service and deliver the most efficient solutions.

More than just technicians, we’re a design, installation, and maintenance team with you for the long haul. From initial installation through to ongoing servicing, upgrades, and replacement, RMS is your heating and cooling team for life!

We are dedicated to installing the HVAC system that is best suited to your needs, ensuring complete transparency when it comes to features, benefits, costs, and more.

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