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Ducted heating and cooling provides a consistent, comfortable climate within your home, no matter the temperature outside.


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RMS offers specialised heating and cooling services to accommodate you in any room in your home or commercial building.

Need an air conditioning system for multiple rooms in your home? Want a heating system that’s good for the environment and low on your bills?

RMS offers tailored heating and cooling systems that can meet your needs in a multitude of ways. Installing a reverse cycle heating and cooling system in your home offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Save costs on a second system installation
  • Enjoy both heating and cooling from one system
  • Convenient and easy to control
  • Energy-efficient solutions for year-round comfort
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heating and cooling systems melbourne

Heating and Cooling Solutions Melbourne

RMS’s heating and cooling services allow you to finally be comfortable all year round. We offer the best heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial properties to satisfy your family, guests, visitors, and staff.

Ducted Heating and Cooling
Multi-head Split System Air Conditioning
heating and cooling companies melbourne

Ducted Heating and Cooling

One of the most popular climate control solutions on the market, ducted heating and cooling is an efficient way to enjoy whole-home climate control, any day of the year.

Ducted heating and cooling systems work via internal ductwork and by an internal fan coil unit inside of your ceiling.

These ducts transport cool or warm air to various vents, located in the wall, floor, or ceiling in various rooms of your home.

Combining reverse cycle technology with the sheer strength and power of ducted, this is a fantastic solution in particular for large spaces.

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heating and cooling solutions melbourne

Multi-head Split System
Air Conditioning

Multi-head split system contains multiple indoor units, each powered by a single outdoor unit.

Delivering both cool and warm air, multi-head split systems work best for homes that do not have enough ceiling or underfloor space for ducts, as well as properties with flat roofs and double storey homes.

This is because multi-split systems use pipelines instead of ductwork which requires far less room. Tailor the temperature in each individual room to meet your unique needs with a multi-head split system.

Discover Multi-head Split System Air Conditioning

Who We Work With

We offer complete comfort solutions for homes and businesses, and work closely with builders
from a design point of view to integrate heating and cooling into your projects

Looking for superior heating and cooling for your building? Whether you live in an apartment, a townhouse, or a stand-alone home, or are searching for a commercial solution, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to design the right system for you.

heating and cooling repairs melbourne

Residential heating and cooling is fast becoming a necessity in homes of all sizes.

Speak to a heating and cooling professional for all your domestic HVAC requirements, and keep your family cool and comfortable every day of the year.

We’ll help you understand the system best suited to your needs as well as the unique parameters of your home.

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heating and cooling service melbourne

Are you the owner or manager of a commercial space or industrial building?

The comfort of your tenants, guests, and employees should be your highest priority.

The right system begins with an in-depth assessment of your space. From there, we’ll design a unique system that takes into account all your needs as well as your budget. The result is a powerful, non-obtrusive system that delivers complete climate control, no matter the weather outside.

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heating and cooling installation melbourne

From commercial fit-outs to new home builds, our team of licensed and certified experts works closely with a variety of other trades, including builders and architects, to ensure a heating and cooling system becomes a part of our plans and not an afterthought.

We provide efficient and high-quality installation, as well as ongoing service and maintenance.

Ensure the optimum result at the end of your project when you engage RMS early!

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Heating and Cooling Repairs Melbourne

RMS offers repairs and maintenance for your heating and cooling system, so when your system suddenly stops working, you know there’s a team available to quickly diagnose and fix the issue.

Suspect an issue with your system? Our team is ready to help! Contact us now for any heating and cooling repairs in Melbourne.

Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne

Book an annual or biannual service with RMS. We can clean your filters if you have difficulty doing so yourself and clean your ductwork and outdoor compressor unit.

We’re happy to service systems that we have installed ourselves and systems installed by other companies.

Heating and Cooling Installation Melbourne

We can help you choose the system that suits your home through our comprehensive installation process.

Your opinion and needs are considered in every step to cater to your budget, plan, and unique requirements.

Contact RMS today to speak to a heating and cooling expert or to organise an on-site inspection.

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