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Ducted heating and cooling provides a consistent, comfortable climate within your home, no matter the temperature outside.

heating systems melbourne

Our Heating Systems Will Bring Comfort To You and Your Family

Do you need a reliable heating system to get you through the colder months?

Does your existing heater fail you when you need it the most?

Perhaps you’re looking for a more energy efficient home heating system?

With more than 25 years of experience delivering heating systems to Melbourne homes and commercial properties, we can help you find the ideal heating solution for your lifestyle.

From gas ducted heating to space heating, wall furnaces, and stylish gas log fires, we have plenty of options to keep you warm and cosy.

RMS offers a wide range of heating systems so you can be sure we’ll help you determine the right solution that meets your home’s unique parameters, as well as your family’s needs.

We offer the following heating types:

  • Ducted heating
  • Reverse cycle heating
  • Space heaters
  • Geothermal heating
  • Wall furnaces
  • Gas log fires
heating systems melbourne

Why choose RMS to install, repair, or service your heating system?

  • We have been in the business for 25 years
  • We have in-depth knowledge of all heating types to create a solution that meets your needs
  • We work extensively with some of the world’s best heating brands, including Bosch, Daikin, Braemar, and Rheem
  • We are an honest, friendly, and trustworthy team of professionals
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Our Heating Systems

Not sure which heating system is best suited for your home or commercial building?

Explore our range of solutions to uncover the benefits of each one, and speak to an RMS expert for advice and support today.

Each of our systems has different qualities, prices, parts, and functions. Our customers often approach us for one system and end up installing another one because of their surprise at some of the qualities and suitability of our other products.

ducted heating

Gas ducted heating transfers warm air through ductwork and into vents in the ceilings or floors in almost every room of the house.

Ducted heating delivers great coverage and a consistent temperature throughout your home, providing balance and comfort.

The ductwork and internal fan coil unit are hidden away in your ceiling, so they’re barely noticeable and make almost no noise.

The only thing you’ll notice is the pleasant and even heat distribution!

Find out more about this efficient and cost-effective system.

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Reverse cycle heating
Reverse Cycle Heating

Reverse cycle heating is a brilliant solution that offers year-round climate control.

Any type of heating referred to as a “reverse cycle” provides both heating and cooling within a single system.

This saves you from installing two separate systems and means you can adjust between two polar opposite temperatures at the click of a button.

Reverse cycle heating is available in split or ducted systems. Both systems work by extracting heat from outside and transferring it inside your home or by absorbing heat from inside your home and dispersing it outside.

It can even transfer heat from outside on freezing days!

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Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System
Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System

This geothermal heating system works by absorbing energy from below the earth’s surface to warm up your home.

This works via a 40-100 meter-deep pipe that connects to a tank which sits outside your home. Rinnai’s renewable energy system can slash your energy bills by up to 50%, while excess energy is transferred to your hot water tank. The result? FREE hot water 24/7!

Using the basic principles of thermodynamics, the Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System offers both heating and cooling.

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Multi-Head split system

A Multi-Head split system allows users to control the temperature in specific rooms, as multiple indoor units, operating independently, are powered by a single outdoor unit.

Multi-head systems are a great alternative to a ducted system in cases where roof or underfloor space may be limited.

Independent climate control in different rooms in your house can help improve energy efficiency: you’ve got the power to control which systems are in use based on how each room in the home is currently occupied.

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service and repairs
Service and Repairs

RMS’s experirenced team provide a range of service and repairs for all kinds of heating and cooling systems.

Whether installed by us or another company, we provide honest advice about your current system. We holistically look at your internal units, ducts/piping, and external compressor units to diagnose any issues and evaluate solutions.We can repair, replace, or upgrade your current heating and advise how to best maintain your system for many years to come.

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Explore Service and Repairs

We can install any of these heating types, so book an on-site consultation with RMS today.

We undertake an initial assessment of your site to consider the placement of outdoor parts, such as the Geoflow tank or outdoor compressor unit.

Then, we’ll take a look inside your home to evaluate where internal components, such as the heating units or vents, can be installed.

We will also inspect your ceiling cavity and walls to analyse the potential location for ducts, fan coil units, pipelines, and cables.

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We offer discounts, complimentary services, and other specials all year round, so be sure to explore our current specials and get in touch with us to take advantage of them today!

Our specials are constantly changing, from free services to seasonal offers – check out what’s on offer now!

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Who We Work With

You’ll feel confident working with us when you read our extensive experience

RMS offers complete comfort solutions for homes and businesses across Meblourne’s South East, and we also work closely with builders from the point of design to integrate a suitable heating and cooling solution.

We are certified with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Our credible, long-standing expert team has vast experience and knowledge across all building types.


Keep your family cosy and warm! We’ll create the right heating system and solution that suits your unique requirements as well as the parameters of your home.

We’ll help you choose the right product from a range of options from the world’s best brands.

We provide heating to all kinds of homes, including

  • Apartments and units
  • Two-storey houses
  • Townhouses
  • Houses with solar power

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Commercial heating is inherently more complicated than residential heating.

In many cases, properties are much larger and as such require more powerful systems to deliver consistent and comfortable heating.

The challenge is keeping every person on the premises comfortable. The solution is RMS!

Commercial properties include:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Restaurants

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RMS offers heating system designs and installation for builders across Melbourne’s South East.

We’re with you from start to finish, offering our expert advice and guidance to ensure a heating system becomes an essential part of your design plans.

Why work with RMS for your next building product?

  • Exceptional workmanship
  • Full transparency
  • Safe practices
  • Full qualifications and licences
  • A customer-first mentality

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