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Air Conditioning Services Melbourne

You can rely on RMS to provide expert advice, stress free installation and general maintenance for your home’s heating & cooling needs. Get your new air conditioner installed or existing system fixed fast so you can stay cool through the heat of summer.

Our Melbourne air conditioning experts includes the installation, service and repair of all types of systems:

Split Systems
Ducted Air Conditioning
Evaporative Cooling


The perfect way to ensure that every room in your house has individual temperature control, RMS Multi Split Systems are the ultimate whole-home comfort solution.

The multi split system is an efficient way to deliver cool, fresh air with individual temperature control.

The sleek design of wall hung split system air conditioning will easily complement the surroundings of your modern home or office. Split systems are also energy efficient because they allow you to control the temperature for that room only. Each unit has an easy-to-use remote control that allows for entirely different temperature settings in each room. With your split system air conditioning installed, you will also have the flexibility to add air conditioning to additional rooms over time. Our split system air conditioning installation Melbourne clients are always impressed with their new system.

Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are refrigerated like wall split systems and send warm or cool air to each room through ducts. With a reasonably compact outside unit, the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems available through RMS also feature room vents and a wall control that won’t impact on the look and feel of your home. These systems also run whisper quiet, meaning you’ll still be able to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, you can choose from an inverter and fixed speed, noninverter models.

Unlike split systems, ducted reverse cycle installations are not limited to air condition only one room. They give you maximum flexibility and control over where and when you can air condition parts of your home. Ducted splits that use inverter technology can also greatly help to reduce your energy consumption. If you’re unsure which system is right for your property, have a chat with the team at RMS.


If you’re after a cleaner solution to cooling your home, evaporative cooling may be the answer. Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is an increasingly popular method for keeping homes cool even in the harsh, soaring temperatures of summer while maintaining its status as one of the most affordable and natural cooling methods.

Unlike other evaporative air conditioning options, these systems do not recycle air that has become stale and unpleasant. Instead, a ducted cooling unit is installed on the roof and connected to a few points placed throughout your home.

RMS expertly installs, repairs and services systems of evaporative cooling Melbourne wide to help you keep more money in your pocket and more pollutants out of the air. Keep your family safe and cool this summer with evaporative cooling.

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Select from our packages below:

Why Choose
a Ducted Reverse Cycle

A ducted system provides discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home combining the versatility of reverse cycle technology with the power and coverage of ducted systems.

  • Provides whole house heating and cooling
  • Discrete concealed out of site both internally and outside
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexibility and control
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Ducted Reverse Cycle
vs Split Systems

Unlike split systems, ducted reverse cycle installations are not limited to air condition only one room and they can heat as well as cool. Ducted splits that use inverter technology can also greatly help to reduce your energy consumption.

Split systems can be cheaper as it is a single unit mounted on a wall and is beneficial for cooling smaller spaces.

Trust RMS to help guide you to the right system for your home and budget/give you maximum flexibility and control over where and when you can air condition parts of your home.

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and Maintenance

Our skilled Melbourne Air conditioning service technicians are experienced in dealing with all the major brands so that we can give you the best service and advice.

We keep your system running at its best, keeping you cool all summer long

  • Diagnose problems causing system malfunction
  • Repair any issues stopping your system to functioning
  • Offer post-installation service
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We will fix your air conditioner fast, so you can stay cool through the heat
of summer

Melbourne’s experts in ducted aircon service and repairs.

Why not book in to see us before the change in seasons? With years of experience, knowledge and brand partners we can efficiently diagnose any problems you may be experiencing. We offer very competitive rates, guaranteed service to ensure your cooling systems remain efficient for hot summers before they strike.

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Typical Service + Maintenance Issues
that can affect your unit:

Regular maintenance and inspections can help put a stop to these preventative faults.


Is your air conditioning struggling to keep up with the heat? It could be a leak! Our team of Air conditioning professionals can identify and fix leaks, top up refrigerant, pressure test and get the system working for you.

Mechanical Faults

Our expert technicians will run tests to troubleshoot your system to diagnose the problem ensuring we provide the best and most efficient solution for your needs and budget.

We will either repair the mechanical fault, fix broken parts or provide a quote to replace the unit if required.

Damaged Ducting

Perfectly intact ducting is core to the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system working. A tear in the ductwork can be the reason your house is not cool. The cool air is escaping through the hole and reducing energy efficiency.

Our team are experts at locating tears in your ducting and repairing them efficiently.

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RMS Heating and Cooling has built its reliable reputation over the last 25 years. We are proud to have created strong partnerships along the way with all leading suppliers in heating, cooling and hot water, which allows us to offer an unparalleled service to our customers. With a quick turnaround on installations of all products, combined with interest free payment plans and a team of licensed technicians, we cover the whole Melbourne metro area with exceptional service.

Contact us for your cooling air conditioning installation, service and repairs in Melbourne today!