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Ducted heating and cooling provides a consistent, comfortable climate within your home, no matter the temperature outside.


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Geothermal heating in Melbourne can reduce energy costs by up to 50% AND deliver FREE hot water 24/7!

Every day the ground absorbs approximately half of the sun’s energy that reaches earth and stores it at a steady temperature. Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System utilises this renewable energy source to achieve your desired level of comfort.

The Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System is a system we install on your property that creates:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Hot water

RMS’s technicians bore a 40-100 metre-deep hole in your yard and suspend a narrow pipe down that connects to a tank which sits above ground.

Rinnai’s residential geothermal energy heating and cooling system uses heat from the sun, absorbed up by pipes or loops underground during the day. The pipes contain a liquid that allows the heat from these pipes to be distributed all the way to the heat pump below your home.

This pump then sends the air through to the central air conditioning system and into your home, which can be dispersed as either cool or warm air.

Rinnai’s renewable geothermal heating system can slash your energy bills by up to 50%, while excess energy in the system is transferred to a hot water tank we install next to the heat exchanger tank. The result? FREE hot water 24/7!

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HOW DOES Geogen22 Geothermal HEATING WORK?

Click on the video to discover how the Rinnai Geogen22 Geothermal System technology works, and an explanation of how the heat pump extracts green renewable energy from the earth through a ground loop heat exchanger.

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